Sports Hall

Altitude training in the sports hall.

The large sports hall in the Alpine Sports Centre Mürren meets all the conditions needed to succeed with top results in sports. The altitude training does not only attract individual sportsmen but is perfectly suited to perform best records for sports groups as well.

The sports hall measures 44x22m and can be parted in one and two thirds. It is suitable for the following sports: Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Hand Ball, Tennis and Landhockey with the matching infrastructure and the floor markers.

If the hall is divided in a 2/3 section, it can be used for Badminton, Basket Ball, Landhockey and Volley Ball with the matching markers on the floor.

The division in a 1/3 section can be used for Badminton, Basket Ball and Volley Ball. This smaller part has the following sports equipment fixed on the wall:

  • Triangle with 4 sticks
  • Swinging rings (Schaukelringe)
  • Olympic rings
  • Climbing ropes
  • A climbing frame
  • A monkey bar

Among the sports material there are numerous utensils and mats for gymnastics, floor excercises and for Asian martial arts.

The sports hall in the Alpine Sports centre can be reserved during the seasons daily from 7am to 11pm.